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Todos pela Educação (All for Education Movement) - "Drauzio Varella" - DDB Brasil

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Product CategoryInstitutional/Public Interest/Non-Profit Org.
More Informationhttp://www.todospelaeducacao.org.br/
Media TypePrint
Photographer Folha Press
Creative Director Sergio Valente
Creative Director Marco Versolato
Creative Director André Pedroso
Art Director Daniel Ottoni
Copywriter Alexandre Catarino
Account Supervisor Maristela Pati Correa
Account Supervisor Tânia Pena
Account Supervisor Caroline Pintarelli
Art Buyer Clariana Costa
Art Buyer Alessandra Salles
If Drauzio Varella didn't have teachers, he wouldn't be Drauzio Varella.


October 15th, the Brazilian day for the most important profession in the world.
Todos pela Educação (All For Education) is a social movement that has as its mission to help Brazil to ensure quality education to all kids and young adults. And this can only be possible if everybody acknowledges the teacher importance.