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WWF - "Boxing (Portuguese)" - DM9DDB

  • Boxing (Portuguese)
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  • Banho Rápido
Product CategoryEnvironmental & Ecological Issues
Media TypeMagazine
Awards Wave Festival, 2008 (Gold) for Press Campaign
Executive Creative Director Sergio Valente
Creative Director Júlio Andery
Creative Director Rodolfo Sampaio
Creative Director Felipe Cama
Art Director Rodrigo Bombana
Editor Edson Oda


The campaign counts on media printed and exterior media. The parts show "funny" situations where people who delay to the bath can suffer fatal accidents. All they are together for the concept "a faster bath can save lives".


We develop a campaign of alert that informs and also is "funny". Under the concept "a faster Bath can save lives", creates amused situations that alert the population on the drinking waters wastefulness. With this humorado well speech, we obtain to reach the some layers of the population without age restriction or vehicles of communication.


According to UNESCO, lacks drinking waters for 1,1 billion of people in the world. Worried about the increasing drinking waters scarcity in the world, Cia Athletica and WWF in they had asked for a campaign to them to fight the water wastefulness.