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May 30, 2012

São Paulo, May 2012 – ABTO – Brazilian Organ Transplant Association – launched the campaign “Soul”, signed by DDB Brasil. Under the slogan “Be an organ donor, no matter what you believe”, the advertisements address the subject “life after death” under different perspectives and beliefs. The campaign includes ads, a film and spot.

One of the major human questions, “Where do we go when we die?”, is explored in this 100% animated movie. Its narrative explores a soul following some pre-designed paths for various religions after the body’s death. Presenting several destiny alternatives, the movie ends with a message saying that, regardless of beliefs, and whatever may happen to our souls, we can all be organ donors.

“Our idea came from a real problem: many people are reluctant to be organ donors because of their religious perspectives. With such information, we conducted an extensive research on different religious views about what happens after death. The fact is that, in almost all of them, what happens beyond life is only related to the soul, a new body or a new way of life. We, then, developed a campaign seeking to comprehensively and respectfully address the different views of the subject, from the mystical to the most skeptical perspectives, showing that everyone, no matter how different their beliefs may be, can be organ donors,” says Estêvão Queiroga, DDB Brasil’s copywriter.

“Since we were addressing very different beliefs, we decided to make the movie in animation. This method allows people to be more ready to enter a dreamlike world, without worrying about reality and, from there, we could transmit our message. In the art direction, which was not attached to any specific religious language, we used a black background representing death while all possibilities of the soul are illuminated. This was an intense, daily work, developed throughout two months, when we were completely involved in every detail with Ink Animações, the animation producer, and Fábrica Sonora, the soundtrack producer”, states Daniel Ottoni, Art Director.