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Buzina Gourmet Food Truck - "Spiced Rabbit" - J. Walter Thompson Brazil

  • Spiced Rabbit
  • Buzina Gourmet Food Truck
  • Buzina Gourmet
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Product CategoryRestaurants & Fast Food
Media TypePrint
Art Director Fernanda Fajardo
Art Supervisor Fabio Simoes
Chief Creative Officer Ricardo John
Client Supervisor Marcio Silva
Illustrator TinCat
      Copywriter Patrick Matzenbacher
Spiced rabbit with herbed couscous. Truck style.


Buzina is a Brazilian food truck specialized in gourmet dishes. It's huge success in Brazil lies in the talent of it's two owners, who are renowned international chefs that decided to create their personal take on street food.

Each one of the posters shows a different gourmet recipe involving boar, pheasant and rabbit.