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  • São Paulo, São Paulo 04002-020
  • Brazil
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About Us

JWT is a true Global network, with over 200 offices in 90 countries, and approximately 10,000 communications and marketing professionals. Consistently ranked amongst the largest agency networks in the World, JWT maintains its position as industry leader through innovation and pioneering ideas.
It was the first international agency to establish itself in Brazil. Since it arrived, in 1929, JWT has been responsible for managing the communications of various leading brands in the market. It was the first large scale agency to make digital services part of its day to day culture, and to create a separate Channel Planning discipline within its Media Department.
JWT defines it´s mission as: creating and implementing ideas which stimulate people to spend more time with our brands. Interesting, innovative ideas which work seamlessly across various communications channels, and invite people to create their own, personal relationships with the brand. That is the philosophy which placed JWT amongst the most admired Brazilian agencies of the past few years.
Including the new business wins of the past year, JWT´s brand portfolio includes 29 of the most prestigious advertisers in the market, such as Ford, Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, HSBC, Nokia, Shell, Microsoft, Bayer, Diageo, Casas Pernambucanas and Unilever.
JWT belongs to the WPP group. In Brazil we have offices in São Paulo, Rio and Curitiba, with almost 360 employees. We are currently ranked third in size in traditional media, and fourth in digital communication. 

Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Worldmade is our idea for the brand, our creative philosophy, and the nature of who we are. If we had a slogan, this slogan would be Worldmade. Nevertheless, we seek more than conceptual solutions. In this case, Worldmade is a label. Just as with products, films, art, and inventions indicate where they were made, Worldmade represents something that was made by JWT.
Worldmade is not a simple statement of origin; it is a statement of how we at JWT approach strategies, ideas and how we do our work. We do everything inspired by the world. We find influence, interest and the spark of creativity in the numerous interactions, foreseeable or otherwise, that occur between international people at JWT - and this is what makes us this extraordinary network of imagination. In certain cases, we are inspired by the world. In other moments, our inspiration is regional and conveyed to the world.
Worldmade represents a mentality of “movement”. An approach for what we do which is not simply based on major strategies and ideas, but also in agility, innovation and adventure. An approach that has pleasure in “launch and learn”, and despises procrastination and delay.
Worldmade also defines JWT as a company. We were forged by our international growth, our desire to embrace the world. Today, we are 10,000 different individuals with an unparalleled range of experiences and cultural fluency.
Worldmade is a label of quality and inspiration; it is a demonstration of imagination from the world geared to things of beauty and usefulness. This is the power that we take to our clients and their brands, now and in the future.