J. Walter Thompson Canada Clients

Wal-Mart Walmart Retail, Distribution & Restaurants Interactive Television, Web Advertising/Banners, Web Site, Print, Direct Mail, Radio
University of Toronto University of Toronto Institutional/Public Interest/Non-Profit Org. Interactive Web Site, Corporate/Brand Identity
Toronto Hospital for Sick Children Toronto Hospital for Sick Children Consumer & Public Services Interactive Packaging, Branding & Design, Promotion & Event
McCormick Spices, Seasonings & Flavouring, Billy Bee Honey Food Interactive Television, Print
Diageo Smirnoff 21, ICE (Ready-to-Drink), Flavours (twist), Baileys, Baileys Flavours, One Pour Cocktails Alcoholic Interactive Television & Cinema
Shell Shell, Corporate Retail Business Others Interactive Television & Cinema, Radio, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home, Digital, Direct Marketing, Promotion & Event, Public Relations, Media Buying & Planning
HSBC Retail Bank Banking, Finance, Law & Insurance Interactive Television, Web Advertising/Banners, Web Site
Kraft Foods, Inc. Philly, Cheez Whiz Food Interactive Television & Cinema, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home
ParticipACTION ParticipACTION Others Interactive Television, Web Site
Mazda Mazda Automotive Interactive Television & Cinema, Digital, Print, Promotion & Event, Radio
Johnson & Johnson Corporation Listerine Mouthwash, Listerine PcketPaks, Purell, Polysporin, Visine, Reach, Band aid Brand, Anusol, Benadryl, Benylin*, Imodium, Pepcid, Reactine, Rolaids, Tylenol, Zantac OTC Medicines (Pain Relievers, Cold & Flu, ...) Interactive Television, Print, Case Study
Schick Hydro, Intuition, Quattro Women Shaving Interactive Print
Highliner Foods Highliner Foods Food Interactive Television
Cadbury Adams Halls, Halls Refresh, Stride, Shift, Trident, Trident White, Trident Splash, Trident Layers, Trident Xtra Care, Clorets, Bubblicious, Chicklets Food Interactive Television & Cinema, Print
Canon Inc. Canon Consumer Electronics & Audio-Visual Interactive Television