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Class of 2013: MEC Promotes Top Talent

March 11, 2013

Marla Kaplowitz, CEO of MEC North America, a leading global media agency, today announced a series of officer promotions in the U.S. These promotions are further proof of MEC’s commitment to fostering an inclusive and prosperous working environment.

Six individuals were promoted to managing partner level, and ten were named Senior Partner:

Managing Partners

Christina Dagnello – Christina joined MEC in 1999. She leads the agency’s global Xerox and Chevron client relationships.

Andrea Hartman – Andrea joined MEC in 2000 and has led many businesses from the agency’s Irvine office. Andrea was instrumental in securing the Legal Zoom and Invisalign businesses which she leads today.

Mark Miller – Mark has been with MEC eight years and during this time has developed the Paramount planning team into one of the best and brightest in the entertainment business. He is based in Los Angeles.

Cathy Salazar – Cathy joined MEC in 2009 to lead MEC’s Search practice. She currently plays a senior digital leadership role on the AT&T team.

Sharona Sankar-King – Sharona leads the Digital Analytics Practice across all MEC clients. She is an 18-year veteran who has led analytics teams at Experian, FCB and Digitas. Sharona has developed MEC’s Quantum Attribution platform which synthesizes the best-in-class-techniques of digital attribution and combines it with the most robust cookie level data sources.

Andy Wasef – Andy started his career at MEC UK in 2003 and joined the New York office in 2010. In his newly created position as Head of Innovation and Technology, Andy is responsible for furthering MEC’s commitment to bringing innovative solutions to all our clients, overseeing an agency-wide development program as well as building key partnerships with vendors and the start-up community.

Senior Partners

Joseph Cowan Alice Dure Tousanna Durgan Wilson Hoffnagle Melissa Jee Tess Kander Kate Kohlmann Charlotte Lim Chris Senio Thomas Spilker

Commented Marla Kaplowitz: “Attracting and retaining top talent is critical in my role as CEO. At MEC, we pride ourselves on building a people-centric culture, and nurturing and grooming future leaders of the agency. This group of managing partners and senior partners is comprised of diverse skill sets and personalities, yet singular in their approach to creative problem solving and delivering innovative solutions to clients. I look forward to continuing to watch their growth and helping them achieve their personal and professional goals every step of the way.”