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ANTA Sports Products - "Anta Li Xiaoxu's Shoebox Installation" - J. Walter Thompson Shanghai

  • Anta Li Xiaoxu's Shoebox Installation
  • ANTA Sports Products
  • ANTA Sports Products Limited.
  • J. Walter Thompson Shanghai
  • China
  • Anta Li Xiaoxu's Shoebox Installation
Product CategoryShoes
Media TypePackaging, Branding & Design
Awards The New York Festivals International Advertising Awards in All Media, 2012 (Gold World Medal) for Display / Place-based Media
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 2011 (Bronze Lion) for Point of Sale
Executive Creative Director Yang Yeo
Executive Creative Director Elvis Chau
Creative Director Terence Leong
Art Director Zhang Chao
Copywriter Salome Zhang
Designer Zhang Chao
Designer Casper Franken


CBA is seen as downgrade version of NBA. Using CBA branding itself does not have strong stopping power compared to shoes by Nike and adidas’ NBA-sponsored players. In a cluttered retail environment, we knew flat posters wasn’t enough to promote interest to the products. The opportunity is that what create stronger connection to the customers are the stories behind each CBA players, representing the authentic Chinese basketball spirit. The spirit is invisible, the challenge is how we can make Chinese consumers see the sports spirit.


The in-store poster campaign received considerable hype, and generates interest to the shoes. Anta CBA basketball shoes are not seen as downgrade of NBA shoes, but shoes with Chinese sports spirit. And more importantly, all regular sized (8-12), CBA edition shoes were sold out in 2 months from launch.