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  • France
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AFII & INPI - "Say OUI to la France" - Publicis Consultants| France

  • Say OUI to la France
  • Publicis Consultants| France
  • France
  • Say OUI to France, Say OUI to Innovation
Product CategoryOthers
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Media TypeWeb Film / Viral
Awards Top Com Corporate Business, 2013 (Topcom de bronze) for Web design
Creative Team Jean-Paul Goncalves
Creative Team Pascal Couvry
Project Manager Antoine Le Grill
Project Manager Susanne Langemeyer
Advertising Manager Jean-Baptiste Mozziconacci
Advertising Manager Valérie Hochet
Advertising Manager Priscille Troyan-Gulli
Advertising Manager Julie Cannesan
Others Aurélie Gabrieli
Others Mervet Benrabah
Others Remi Barra