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Product CategoryNewspapers, Magazines, Books
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationJanuary 2, 2011
Media TypePrint
Awards Epica Awards, 2011 (Silver Campaign) for Media
Image Credit Corbis
Creative / Art Direction Les Six
Art Director Guillaume Auboyneau
Art Director Cédric Quissola
Copywriter Eric Lavenac
Account Manager Clément Chovin
Account Manager Amandine Frery
Retoucher Guillaume Auboyneau
Retoucher Cédric Quissola
Advertising Manager Jean Weiss
Advertising Manager Delphine Cantat
Art Buyer Claire Nicaise-Schindler
Coordinator Kémi Zinsou


A campaign developed with Y & R, which trades have the visuals that make the young dream: astronaut, veterinarian, firefighter ... an angle firmly against the foot of the imagery to dramatize a story Epinal anxiety, the the choice of orientation. Desecration of trades seen as ideals, the goal of this campaign is to mobilize young people on their orientation in particular by raising awareness about the gulf between the mental representation that one is an art and reality.
The visual signature "youth of the future" sums up the mission to that of the student for 40 years: enabling young people, whatever their profile, find job that suits them thanks to a successful orientation.