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Conill's nontraditional TV integrations connect T-Mobile with football-loving Latin American families.

December 8, 2010

Family and football are two of the focal points of Latino families, and the ritual of the Sunday soccer game is the inspiration for a new campaign conceived by Conill for T-Mobile. For the past four years, soccer has served T-Mobile as a passion point for building affinity among Latinos. To this audience, football (soccer) is more than a game; it is a matter of cultural pride.    

The witty “Your Wife Saw” campaign – an entertaining media integration and placement on a live Fox Sports broadcast – is designed to appeal to the popular weekend family activity of Latin Americans.  By understanding that although soccer fans often watch the big game with their family, they don’t necessarily view the match from the same perspective,  the campaign presents regular replays during live games as family portraits;  ‘Asi Lo Vio Tu Mujer’ (‘What your wife saw’) shows the star striker stripping down to his vest after scoring a goal;  ‘Asi Lo Vio Tu Hijo’ (‘What your son saw’) depicts the players as characters from a computer game; ‘Asi Lo Vio Tu Abuelo’ (‘What your Grandpa saw’) blurs the visuals into the sepia-tones of a vintage TV set; and in ‘Asi Lo Vio Tu Hija’ ( ‘What your daughter saw’), a rag doll obstructs the view of the screen. 

“We joined the message of T-Mobile being close to soccer with the idea of T-Mobile and soccer bringing families together, said Conill Chief Creative Officer Buffagni.“ The seamless integration with broadcast content helps transform the inherent ‘intrusion’ of advertising into something fun.”

The objective was to leverage T-Mobile’s broadcast integrations more effectively and creatively among soccer fans than other wireless providers. Conill achieved this very successfully during the World Cup, and now as a follow-up during the broadcast of the Mexican league through Fox Sports.  The strap line “Fûtbol y familia, siempre juntos” (Soccer and families, always together) sums up the objective of the campaign perfectly.   


Creative credits, "Your Wife Saw"  


SVP, Chief Creative Officer:  Pablo Buffagni

VP, Creative Director:  Mario Granatur

Creative Director:  Marcos Calandrelli

AD: Hernán Ibañez

CW: Benjamin Levy

Media Director: Rob Spallone

Director of Production Services: Lourdes Caballero

Sr Producer: Allan Rivera


For further details please contact:

Lee Sharrock

Global Creative PR

M: +44 7814 862 834



About Conill

Conill is among the most highly awarded Latino agencies in the U.S. and a four-time recipient of the prestigious American Association of Advertising Agencies’ O’Toole Multicultural Award. In 2007, it was named Multicultural Agency of the Year by Advertising Age. The agency’s client roster includes Citibank, JCPenney, Procter & Gamble, Sony Computer Entertainment America, THQ, Inc., T-Mobile and Toyota Motor Sales.