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Conill animates the imagination of young consumers for Toyota Yaris.

December 8, 2010

A creative combination of animation, user generated content and social networking has resulted in a unique advertising campaign from Conill that expresses the magic of a Toyota Yaris through the narrative of young Latinos: “A quien se le ocurrio esto?” (Who thought of this?)

Nuevo Latinos participate in everything they do with a drop of Latino spirit. They think of hatchbacks as exciting little machines that fit their sparkly personalities. A group of young people were invited to a studio, where they participated in a story-telling forum, inspired by their visualisation of a Yaris. They were asked to complete the sentence ‘There was once a Yaris...’  Some of the most visually interesting stories were translated into animated film clips, such as ‘it started to rain little coloured balls’, ‘thousands of eyes were looking at it from different directions’, and ‘then my Yaris grew wings and started to fly to escape the meteorite’. 

The resulting campaign can be viewed on Facebook, and is a surreal reimagining of their narratives, where a red Yaris inhabits a Willy Wonka-esque universe, and is swallowed up by a giant pink bubblegum, before sprouting wings and landing in a bowl of cereal! The campaign illustrates how the Yaris can be synonymous with a more creative attitude towards life, and allows Latinos to share their spirited personalities with the US culture.

“We asked ourselves, ‘what would Yaris advertising look like if it was inspired by THEIR creative spirit,’” commented Conill Chief Creative Officer Pablo Buffagni.  “The only way to find out was to let them have a go of it. That's just what we did and how the Who thought of this? campaign was born.”

The production house MIA films produced the events, the Facebook page and the digital work, as well as directing the animations.  They also hired a managed a secondary vendor called "Reino" in Argentina.

Creative credits 

Chief Creative Officer: Pablo Buffagni

Creative Director: Mario Granatur

Associate Creative Director: Verónica Elizondo

Art Directors: Martín Donovan / Graciela Espejel

Copywriter: Jessica Cuevas

Account Team: Anabel Caraballo

Account Team: Christine Jahina

Account Team: Bryan Fonseca

Agency Producer: Lourdes Caballero

Production Company: Mia Films

Director: Massimo Martinoti

Animation: Reyno Buenos Aires

Sound: Tono Studios


For further details please contact:


Lee Sharrock

Global Creative PR

M: +44 7814 862 834



About Conill

Conill is among the most highly awarded Latino agencies in the U.S. and a four-time recipient of the prestigious American Association of Advertising Agencies’ O’Toole Multicultural Award. In 2007, it was named Multicultural Agency of the Year by Advertising Age. The agency’s client roster includes Citibank, JCPenney, Procter & Gamble, Sony Computer Entertainment America, THQ, Inc., T-Mobile and Toyota Motor Sales.