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Pepsi - "Kung Fu" - CLM BBDO

  • Kung Fu
  • Pepsi
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  • Kung Fu
Product CategorySoft Drinks, Tonics
MarketAfrica, Caribbean Sea, Central America, South America, Asia, Europe, Oceania
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationJanuary 1, 2002
Media TypeTelevision
Length60 Seconds
Awards International Food and Beverage Creative Excellence Awards - FAB Awards, 2003 (FAB Award) for Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 2002 (Shortlist) for Non-alcoholic drinks
Epica, 2002 (Winner) for Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Prix Club des Directeurs Artistiques, 2001 (Entrant) for TV Spots
Production Company RadicalMedia
Recording Studio Barrera Prod.
Creative Director Vincent Behaeghel
Creative Director Bernard Naville
Art Director Vincent Behaeghel
Concept Vincent Behaeghel
Concept Bernard Naville
Copywriter Bernard Naville
Director Tarsem Singh "Tarsem"
Production Company Producer Tommy Turtle
Account Director Valérie Accary
Account Director Laurent Garnier
Account Director Eléonore Raillard
Account Director Raquel Baena
Agency Producer Pierre Marcus
Agency Producer France Monnet
Music Composer Ken Flanagan
Actor / Celebrity Nick Coletta
Actor / Celebrity Matthew Mullins
Advertising Manager David Foulds


KUNG FU is one of the two thematic "ASK FOR MORE" spots of the year. It shows a young teenager who realizes his dreams and becomes what he ever wanted to be, a SHAOLIN monk.
This film traces ten years of a young boy's life and shows us years after years his training and his initiation to Martial Arts. It finishes with his 18th ceremony


"ASK FOR MORE" represents faithfully the worldwide teenagers nowadays' mentality. They don't search for stirring up or changing the world, as their predecessors. Their objective is to profit from what the life can offer them. The best is never enough; their credo: not to content oneself with the statu quo, but to wish always more.
"ASK FOR MORE" is more than an advertising idea, it's a real brand idea, symbol of this generation "ASK FOR MORE". It applies to every brand communications, it means: football, music and the whole promotions.