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Wanadoo - "Acrobats" - CLM BBDO

  • Acrobats
  • Wanadoo
  • Wanadoo
  • France
  • Positive Generation
Product CategoryInternet Service Providers
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationMarch 4, 2003
Media TypeTelevision
Length30 Seconds
Awards Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 2003 (Shortlist) for Internet Service Providers
Top Com Consumer, 2003 (Bronze Top Com) for Advertising Campaign : Plurimedia
Production Company Irene
Sound Design Company Barrera Prod.
Creative Director Anne de Maupeou
Creative Director Vincent Behaeghel
Creative Director Bernard Naville
Art Director Dimitri Guerassimov
Copywriter Frédéric Lutgé
Director Christophe Navarre
Account Director David Fuchs
Account Director Anne Planchon
Agency Producer Pierre Marcus
Advertising Manager Patrice Bégay


Wanadoo, the French leader of the Internet, is launching a new campaign of three films aimed at the "Positive Generation", which is the signature of the brand developed in July 2002 by CLM/BBDO. Each film is based on the importance of the use of Internet and in particular the Broadband Internet: music, online games and communication. The film which is presented is "Acrobats": the communication.