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Noé Conservation - "Kriboon (French)" - CLM BBDO

  • Kriboon (French)
  • Noé Conservation
  • Noé Conservation
  • France
  • New Worlds
Product CategoryEnvironmental & Animal Issues
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationMarch 8, 2010
Media TypePrint
Executive Creative Director Gilles Fichteberg
Executive Creative Director Jean-François SACCO
Art Director Lucie Valloton
Copywriter Julien Perrard
Account Manager Pascal Couvry
Account Manager Nicolas Fabre
Illustrator Frédéric Perrin
Art Buyer Sylvie Etchemaité
Advertising Manager Arnaud Greth
Advertising Manager Elena Gorchakova


If we don’t change our habits, Earth could simply become uninhabitable. Mankind would have to find another planet. But would the new world be as welcoming? The Agency developed its creative concept around that hypothesis, depicting people arriving on three particularly hostile planets, Actapa, Glutax and Kriboon. The hard-hitting visuals are underlined by a non-nonsense tagline


In line with International Biodiversity Year, Noé Conservation, an association for the protection of biodiversity, decided to speak up and raise public awareness of the need to defend the living world around us – mankind’s life assurance. We all live in the natural world, without always realizing it. Nature provides us with our food, more than half our medicine and many other essential goods and services for our daily lives. Destroying those potential resources today would mean losing out on future technological, medicinal, industrial and other solutions, jeopardizing mankind’s future.