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France Adot - "White pride" - CLM BBDO

  • White pride
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  • France Adot
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  • Tattoos
Product CategoryBlood/Organ Donation
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationMarch 2, 2010
Media TypeNewspaper
Executive Creative Director Gilles Fichteberg
Executive Creative Director Jean-François SACCO
Art Director Lucie Valloton
Copywriter Julien Perrard
Account Manager Pascal Couvry
Account Manager Nicolas Fabre
Photographer Yann Lepape
Art Buyer Sylvie Etchemaité
Advertising Manager Marie-Claire Paulet
Advertising Manager Pierre Noir


These individuals, whom we have identified as skinheads, racists, hooligans or homophobes, all have the same way of embodying their extremism: their tattoos.
In this print campaign, the tattoo is struck through by the scar from a post-mortem organ donation, like some kind of redemption


France ADOT and CLM-BBDO started out from the observation that this young adult audience is not necessarily sensitive to the question of organ donation, as the related theme of death is fairly remote from their concerns. But the target is very attentive to its image and is looking for a meaning to its existence. So we decided to enhance the image of those who do become donors. Taking out a donor card means thinking about others and showing great generosity. By acting in this way, the holders of the card feel they are doing something good and are good people. The agency’s creative staff designed and produced the campaign along those lines. To make the execution of the idea impactful and challenging, the demonstration has to be taken as far as it can go by showing that even the worst individuals can become good people by donating their organs.


To build awareness of this national cause, mainly among young adults, and to encourage them to have an organ donor card.