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Frolic - "Bed" - CLM BBDO

  • Bed
  • Frolic
  • Mars, Inc.
  • France
  • Luxury
Media TypeTelevision
Awards Cristal Festival, 2010 (France Cristal) for Food/Drink
Epica, 2010 (Gold) for Food
Eurobest, 2010 (Silver Campaign) for Miscellaneous


The campaign features ill-matched dog couples. The males are fat, ugly and fairly saggy; the females are pampered, proud and precious.
Why are they in a couple with those dogs? For their croquettes, of course...


The agency thought up an offbeat approach that breaks away from Petfood market codes.


Historically, Frolic has built its advertising saga around the creative avenue of irresistibility: dogs can?t resist the temptation of eating Frolic croquettes!
For the new campaign, CLM?s aim was to win market share by making the target younger.