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PLAN France - "The Erasable Billboard" - CLM BBDO

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  • Education Right for Girls
Product CategoryCharities, Foundations, Volunteers
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationOctober 11, 2012
Media TypeEvents
Awards Eurobest, 2013 (Gold) for Charities, public health & safety & public awareness messages
Prix de la campagne citoyenne, 2013 (Prix du Public Or) for Associations caritatives & ONG, Droits de l’homme
Retoucher Janvier
Print Producer MILK
Executive Creative Director Matthieu Elkaim
Creative Director Benjamin Marchal
Creative Director Olivier Lefebvre
Art Director Victor Mutel
Copywriter Laurent Laporte
Producer Thomas Laurent
Producer Sylvie Etchemaité
Producer Guillaume Debert
Account Manager Julien Lemoine
Account Manager Marie Lautier
Account Manager Meigge Sauvaget
Account Manager Paul Demarquet
Account Manager Maité Bernier
Illustrator M. Florian
Advertising Manager Alain Caudrelier
Advertising Manager Yvan Savy
Advertising Manager Sophie Chamard


PLAN and its agency CLM BBDO took over Paris' historically symbolic Place de l'Hôtel de Ville on Thursday, October 11th to change the daily lives of millions of young girls who are deprived of their childhood.


CLM BBDO helped PLAN by producing an awareness campaign using a giant, 10-meter long fresco depicting girls who have to work to support their family instead of going to school.

The fresco showed young girls working on a line of sewing machines. Throughout the day, passers-by were invited to erase parts of the illustration to reveal the same girls sitting at a school desk.

This communication operation increased awareness among a wide audience, motivating them to change the fate of the millions of girls without education or a future. Passers-by, politicians and celebrities all took part in the symbolic “erasing”.


75 million girls currently go without an education. The causes include extreme family poverty, violence, discrimination in developing countries and forced marriages.

That's why CLM BBDO, with the international NGO PLAN, is working to give 4 million girls access to high-quality education by 2016