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Fondation Nicolas Hulot - "Eagle (French)" - CLM BBDO

  • Eagle (French)
  • Fondation Nicolas Hulot
  • Fondation Nicolas Hulot pour la Nature et l’Homme
  • France
  • No Nature, No Future
Product CategoryEnvironmental & Ecological Issues
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationAugust 8, 2004
Media TypeOutdoor / Out of Home
Awards ACT Responsible Tributes, 2005 () for
Grand Prix de la Publicité Presse Magazine, 2005 (Winner) for Good Causes
Executive Creative Director Anne de Maupeou
Executive Creative Director Barka Zerouali
Creative Director Barka Zerouali
Creative Director Anne de Maupeou
Art Director Olivier Dermaux
Copywriter Olivier Dermaux
Copywriter Mathieu Vinciguerra
Account Manager Valérie Accary
Account Manager Eléonore Raillard
Account Manager Pascal Couvry
Photographer Jean-Marie Vives
Art Buyer Isabelle Baud


Soft and powerful, the campaign is composed by 3 posters representing successively a bear which protects a baby, a tree which rocks a baby, then an eagle which feeds it. A simple and symbolic way to show that the man and nature destinies are closely dependent.


The creative exercise has been to make strong visuals around positive values.
Valérie Accary: "This campaign seeks only to reassert the fundamental interdependence between the man and nature. In showing an image with the nature protecting us, this campaign repeats us that we have to protect the nature. It uses an emotional and esthetic style so as to reach the great majority of us.


After its shock campaign in 2003, Nicolas Hulot Foundation continues its mission to sensibilize and launches a second outdoor campaign.