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Total - "Lullaby (French)" - CLM BBDO

  • Lullaby (French)
  • Total
  • Total
  • France
  • Lullaby
Product CategoryGarages, Gas Stations
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationAugust 27, 2004
Media TypeTelevision
Length40 Seconds
Awards Cristal Festival, 2004 (Cristal) for Retail (France)
Prix Club des Directeurs Artistiques, 2004 (Mention) for Cinema
Production Company Quad Productions
Sound Production Wizz Productions
Post Production TEVA
Creative Director Anne de Maupeou
Creative Director Barka Zerouali
Art Director Gilles Fichteberg
Copywriter Pierre-Yves Perrin
Director Rémy Belvaux
Agency Producer France Monnet
Agency Producer Pierre Marcus
Account Manager Marie-Pierre Benitah
Account Manager Séverine Autret
Account Manager Isabelle Nancy
Advertising Manager Dominique Thiolon
Advertising Manager Colette Poloni
Advertising Manager Claudine Dubanc-Maurtot


On one starry night, a small convertible car stops to fill up at a petrol station. Driving the car is a young man of about thirty who rubs his eyes and yawns, exhausted by the distance he has just driven. As he notices that the driver needs to rest, the petrol station attendant takes the petrol pump and fills up the car. He begins to whistle a lullaby. He also gently starts to push the car back and forth in a rocking motion, like a nanny rocking a new-born baby.
The combination of the lullaby and the rocking motion of the car sends the driver slowly but surely to sleep. Satisfied, the attendant gently pushes the car into the car park where we see other drivers in their cars, sleeping deeply.


This year, the renowned helpfulness of those working at Total petrol stations has a taken a new direction: to take part in the safety of motorists on the road.
To illustrate this commitment, Total and its advertising agency have made a new TV commercial which shows the kindness of the men and women of the Total network to the drivers who stop off at their petrol stations.


Since 2003, in conjunction with Road Safety, Total has committed itself to looking after motorists’ safety.