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IKEA - "Social Security. Teaser" - CLM BBDO

  • Social Security. Teaser
  • IKEA
  • IKEA
  • France
  • Sultan matresses
Product NameSultan matresses
Product CategoryDrugstores, Specialty Stores
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationSeptember 13, 2004
Media TypePrint
Creative Director Barka Zerouali
Creative Director Anne de Maupeou
Art Director Aline Berthomé-Dubecq
Copywriter Gaëtan du Peloux
Copywriter Virgile Lassalle
Account Director Sandra Conan
Photographer Olivier Borst
Art Buyer Isabelle Baud
Advertising Manager Jean-Louis Baillot
Advertising Manager Olivier Baraille
Advertising Manager Anne-Charlotte Metzger
Advertising Manager Stéphanie Jourdan


To promote its new range of Sultan mattresses, IKEA and its advertising agency have created a press campaign which follows the concept: IKEA REACT.
Four ads, made up of a teaser and its follow-up, illustrate the promise of low prices.


The agency CLM/BBDO has created a new brand signature which sounds like an order. This slogan has become a leitmotiv for the company. It has strong potential and will be used as a platform for communication.


The notion of patrimony is strongly implemented in French culture. Even though society is rapidly evolving and the French show that they are in great need of a change, they remain very conservative in terms of furniture and decoration. They often inherit furniture which they have difficulty getting rid of.
In order to fight against this conservatism, IKEA is trying to encourage everyone to have the desire to change their furniture in order to lead a better life at home.