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France ADOT - "Fire" - CLM BBDO

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Product CategoryBlood/Organ Donation
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationApril 24, 2007
Media TypeTelevision
Length30 Seconds
Awards ACT Responsible Tributes, 2007 () for
Production Company Quad Productions
Creative Director Jean-François SACCO
Creative Director Gilles Fichteberg
Art Director Lucie Vallotton
Copywriter Julien Perrard
Director Adrien Armanet
Producer Martin Coulais
Agency Producer Guillaume Delmas
Account Manager Pascal Couvry
Account Manager Mickaël Clair
Photographer Arnaud Potier
Advertising Manager Marie-Claire Paulet


The TV commercial shows on the one hand that it is very difficult to be an hero and to save lives during his life but on the other hand, there is a better and easier way to do it : to commit themselves to donate their organs at their death .


France ADOT launches a national awareness campaign of in direction particularly to the 18-25 years old. Two commercials of 30 seconds each are increasing their awareness with accuracy and daring the young French about the question of the organ donations in order for them to determinate their personal choice and to have their willingness to be respected.


In France, almost 12 400 persons were in need of an organ transplant in 2006. If 5 000 of them have been realised , we have to notice that 229 persons died because of not having received a transplant on, time. In spite of a notable progression these last years, France keep facing a very important shortage of transplants. The reason is paradoxically due to the noticeable diminution of the road mortality, donators being mainly road traffic victims. Being the strategic population class for transplant, (68,2% of the 15/24 year old died in 2006 have been passed out because of violent death), young people are asking themselves about the fact to “take action” or not and take their donator card in order to enter into their undertaking and their will. However, a study made last year by the Biomedecine* agency shows that 84 % of them would be in favor and that 70 % would be agree for their organs to be removed in case of death. A majority of them underlined their lack a knowing concerning the concrete procedure of the organ donation and have the desire to be better informed in order to commit themselves conscientiously.