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There are some moments you just can’t miss, SMART and CLM BBDO make sure they don’t miss the launch of the iPhone 5

September 21, 2012

Not finding a parking spot is a frustrating reason for missing an important moment. So SMART and CLM BBDO chose one of the most eagerly anticipated events in France to demonstrate Smart’s ability to park anywhere, anytime, so you’re never late when it counts.

Smart and CLM BBDO ambushed the launch of the new iPhone 5 at the Apple Store Opera. Anthony, the first person in line for the iPhone 5 that went on sale friday at 8am, arrived in a Smart car and was wearing a T-shirt bearing the brand name and the inscription:

There are some moments you just can’t miss. Park on time with Smart”.

Anthony was the first to buy the new iPhone, enjoyed the moment, then got into his beautiful white Smart fortwo and headed home under the watchful lenses of the national and European news crews covering the event.