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Product CategoryAdvertising Agencies
More Information
Date of First Broadcast/Publication2014
Media TypeCase Study
Length124 Seconds
Awards Kinsale Shark Advertising Festival, 2014 (Silver) for User experience
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 2014 (Bronze) for Use/Curation of Image(s)
Sound Kouz Production
Executive Creative Director Rémi Babinet
Executive Creative Director Stéphane Xiberras
Creative Director Ivan Beczkowski
Art Director Loris Cormoreche
Art Director Julien Derreveaux
Art Director Simon Franckard
Copywriter Romain Pergeaux
Account Manager Rémi Babinet
Account Manager Stéphane Xiberras
Account Manager Miranda Salt
Account Manager Ivan Beczkowski
Account Manager Eugénie Lefebvre
Account Manager Xavier Blairon
Account Manager Caroline-Melody Meyer
Account Manager Charlotte de Bardies
Interactive Development Thibault Dargeou
Interactive Development Maxime Montegnies
Interactive Development Simon Doury
BETC Graffiti Général


BETC Paris is moving offices. The ad agency's new building is distinctive: the Magasins Généraux in Pantin. Abandoned since 2004, it has become a haven for graffiti artists around the world. In order to celebrate the artworks created there before renovations begin, BETC Paris has launched Graffiti Général, which offers a 3D tour of the site online...

Aware that some may baulk at the idea of an advertising agency erasing years of graffiti heritage, Graffiti Général is BETC's way of offering a permanent record of the site as it stands today. The website offers the chance for viewers to visit the building virtually, and gives detailed information on over 40 of the artworks in there, as well as about the artists. Visitors can also add their own grafitti to the building online, so the history of the building can continue to evolve, albeit only virtually.