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  • "Desperate Housewives" Campaign
Product NameDesperate Housewives
Product CategoryTV/Radio Programs & Stations
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationAugust 15, 2005
Media TypePrint
Awards Grand Prix de la Publicité Presse Magazine, 2006 (Mention) for Communication / Media
Production Company Rita Productions
Creative Director Stéphane Xiberras
Art Director Rémy Tricot
Copywriter Olivier Couradjut
Producer Valérie Richard
Account Manager Raphaël de Andréis
Account Manager Nicolas Gandrillon
Account Manager Aure Tessandier
Account Manager Agathe Guerrier
Photographer Michel Bousquet
Art Buyer Marie Dathanat
Advertising Manager Laurent de Camas
Advertising Manager Béatrice Roux
Advertising Manager Marion Auvray
A utiliser avant de ne plus savoir à quoi ça sert.


To emphasize the gap, the approach can be interpreted as a pastiche shattering cosmetics advertising codes.

About this campaign , a modest, smart and feminine approach has been chosen, being refined without being iced , like a beauty product advertisement.

In this still-life, one can notice there are main discrepancies between the creatives sensitiveness and refinement and the intensity of words:
- on the condom, a date of expiration notifies : to use before forgetting what doing with it

Through this pastiche of cosmetics codes, the campaign echoes back to the gap which is widening between appearances and being.


The dramatic size not only concerns the serial but also the campaign : to demonstrate the violence lurked behind reality, beyond the harmless appearances of the everyday life.
The mechanism at the center of the serial consists in decoding the apparently perfect everyday life: from an episode to another, we progressively discover the secrets that each of Desperate Housewives tries to hide from everybody including from themselves.
CANAL+ and BETC started from this process to conceive a CANAL+’s creation, out of step with habits. Some apparently harmless objects of the daily life, disclose little blameless secrets . Loyal feminity assistants, routine confidants, the objects unveil what conventions silence us : the condom conjures up the couple frustration and usury.


For its comeback, CANAL+ offers an anti-stonewalling campaign.

Desperate Housewives, the new serial exclusively discovered by Canal+, whick strikes at cants with caustic humour.

September 2005 means the first comeback for CANAL+ with a new tag line : Ask for more to TV. The channel chose to emphasize the Desperate Housewives serial, scheduled at September 8th, in order to begin the forthcoming year in the ambitious mood this tag line requires.