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Product Name206 HDi
Product CategoryCars
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationMarch 1, 2006
Media TypeTelevision
Length40 Seconds
Awards The Cresta Awards, 2006 (Winner) for Television
Kinsale Shark Advertising Festival, 2006 (Bronze) for International TV: Automotive
Production Company Wanda Paris
Sound Production Capitaine Plouf
Creative Director Stéphane Xiberras
Art Director Hugues Pinguet
Copywriter Olivier Apers
Director Wilfrid Brimo
Account Planner Jean-Philippe Martzel
Agency Producer Sébastien Lintingre
Account Manager Raphaël de Andréis
Account Manager Philippe Couchaux
Account Manager Sophie Cavazza
Advertising Manager Olivier Marquer
Advertising Manager Magali Callanan
Clean Technology. Nature will remember


Peugeot wants to integrate in its offers promotion a new element in leaning on an ecological approach to enhance the quality of the HDi technology (high pression common rail diesel motor), its economical interest and its contribution to the ecology.