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"all-digital" vs the defenders of paper

March 8, 2013

As the debate rages on between those whose prone the "all-digital" vs the defenders of paper, Le Trèfle, a French toilet paper brand, has taken a stand with its latest TV commercial "Emma".

The film takes a humorous approach to underline the obvious: That digital tablets will never replace the comfort of paper. In Le Trèfle's opinion: "Paper has a great future".

A positioning that is communicated with a smile when we discover that the film focuses on the new Le Trèfle Maxi-Sheet paper, which is even wider than the competitor's. How many brands today can encourage the use of more paper for our benefit?
To direct this commercial, Leo Burnett France chose Bart Timmer, who recently distinguished himself with the Heineken "Walk-In Fridge" commercial as well as the Canal Plus commercial "Fuel for Fans".


  • Title: Emma
  • Brand: Le Trèfle
  • Title: Emma (French)
  • Brand: Le Trèfle