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Nous ne sommes pas un réseau traditionnel. Nous sommes connectés. Nous sommes bien plus qu’une agrégation de bureaux partageant le même logo. Nous fonctionnons comme une seule entité à travers différentes régions. Cela signifie que non seulement notre travail est “Famously Effective” mais que... Read more

Dignity Institute Dignity Institute Racial/Ethnic/Minority/Disability Awareness Web Advertising/Banners, Web Film, Brochure, Fundraising, Product Design/Development, Logotype, Trade Show Booth, Branded Content 2015
ABD Apparel Playtex Apparel, Fashion & Footwear 2014
Volvo Volvo Full Size & DeLuxe Cars Television, Web Advertising/Banners, Interactive Kiosk, Mobile Advertising, Print, POP Display, Integrated Media/360 Activation, Traffic Creation, POS Visibility, Outdoor/Out of Home, Radio, Branded Content 2014
Britvic Soft Drinks Limited Moulin de Valdonne Fruit Juices & Drinks Web Advertising/Banners, Social Media, Print, Billboard 2014
Wattwiller Wattwiller, Eau plate et eaux pétillantes Mineral, Sparkling & Bottled Waters Television, Web Advertising/Banners, Web Film, Other Animation, Social Media, Packaging Design, Events, Branded Content 2014
TABFT TABFT Beers, Ciders, Lagers POP Display, Shelf Screamer, POS Visibility, Commercial Animation Plan 2014
Ubisoft Far Cry 4 Video Games/Consoles Television, Cinema, Web Advertising/Banners, Web Site, Interactive Kiosk, Web Film, Other Animation, Mobile Advertising, Applications, Social Media, Traffic Creation, POS Visibility, Branded Content 2013 - 2015
Jalou Media Group L'Optimum, Press magazine Media, Publishing & Production Television 2013
HSBC HSBC Banking, Finance, Law & Insurance Television, Web Site, Web Film, Print, Logotype, Internal Communication, Branded Content 2013
Britvic Soft Drinks Limited Teisseire, Sirop Non-Alcoholic Television, Digital, Magazine, Packaging Design, Integrated Media/360 Activation, Billboard 2013
Centre Primo Levi Centre Primo Levi Racial/Ethnic/Minority/Disability Awareness Web Site, Web Film, Social Media, Print, Events, Outdoor/Out of Home, Branded Content 2013
Lego LEGO, DUPLO, Jouets Toys & Games Web Site, Web Film, Magazine, Billboard 2012
Pfizer Santé familiale Advil, Centrum, Imedeen, Rhinadvil,Thermacare, Antidouleurs, Multivitamines Television & Cinema, Web Advertising/Banners, Web Site, Web Film, Other Animation, Social Media, Print, POP Display, Billboard, Branded Content 2009
Heineken Category Beers, Ciders, Lagers Web Site, Logotype, Branded Content 2009 - 2012
McCormick Ducros, Spices & cooking ingredients Food Television & Cinema, Digital, Print, POS Visibility, Billboard, Branded Content 2008