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Product CategoryShoes
Media TypeWeb Film / Viral
Awards Eurobest, 2012 (Silver) for Website/Microsite
Epica, 2012 (Bronze) for social networks
Eurobest, 2012 (Gold) for Interactive
W3 Awards / The W³ Awards, 2012 (Silver x 5) for Innovative/Experimental
W3 Awards / The W³ Awards, 2012 (Gold) for Social Networking
International ANDY Awards, 2012 (SILVER) for Fashion Apparel & Accessories
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 2011 (Gold Lion) for Clothing, Footwear & Accessories
Eurobest, 2011 (Gold Eurobest) for Community Applications
Eurobest, 2011 (Silver Eurobest) for Other Consumer Products
London International Awards - LIA, 2011 (Bronze Winner) for The NEW Category
Chief Creative Officer Malcolm Poynton
Project Manager David Mercado
Account Director James Graham

Story A sneaker community powered by Foot Locker. Sneakerpedia is the world's largest sneaker archiving project and the first ever visual-wiki designed to connect sneaker fans with Foot Locker's ' enthusiasm 'beyond reason' for sneakers. It is a community space, not a market place - to allow fans to connect, share, discuss, follow and help shape future sneaker trends. Sneakerpedia's unique content format provides for an unrivalled user experience amongst the world of user-generated content. In the closed beta alone, Sneakerpedia has delivered over $1m worth of free PR coverage and reached more than 6.7m fans online.


Sneakerpedia is the world’s first visual wiki, for a topic that has more cultural impact than almost any other wearable item, sneakers.

Sneaker collecting today embraces and in turn influences music, fashion and even sports across the globe and has many millions of devotees.

Sneakerpedia sets out to be the world’s largest, most complete sneaker archive, a visual almanac, rich with not just product details, but also the ‘story’ for each entry, be that the Hip Hop star that made the shoe famous, the movie they were worn in or the colour ways they first appeared in at release time.

Built by the world’s largest sneaker retailer, Foot Locker, Sneakerpedia is not a market-place, it’s a social space and cultural index operated in true wiki fashion. It’s populated by fans, moderated by fans and serves all people with an interest in sneakers, foot wear, fashion and culture.