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  • Become who you want
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  • Become who you want
Product CategoryTelecommunications Services
Date of First Broadcast/Publication2013
Media TypeTelevision & Cinema
Length90 Seconds
Awards EFFIE France, 2014 (Or) for Services
Music Killers
Post Production Mikros
Sound Production THE
Executive Creative Director Alexandre Hervé
Creative Director Alexander Kalchev
Director Samir Mallal
Production Carnibird
Producer Sam Fontaine
Cameraman Rodrigo Prieto
Agency Producer Sophie Mégrous
Agency Producer Catherine Guiol
Client Supervisor Jean-Michel Stassart
Client Supervisor Laurence Larvor
Client Supervisor Olivia Dujardin
Client Supervisor Ingrid Mazzoni
Client Supervisor Cynthia Ramirez
Client Supervisor Audrey Longuet
Client Supervisor Bérengère Barrau
Account Manager Vincent Léorat
Account Manager Anne Dauvé
Account Manager Macha Alfandary
Account Manager Julie Garguillo
Account Manager Marine Hakim


When Bouygues Telecom decided to launch the largest 4G network in France, DDB did not want to speak about speed but to demonstrate the real impact of the power of 4G. The “Become” manifesto is a tribute to all that we can now do, no matter who or where we are.
Bringing a new dimension to its identity, in a market mainly focused on price and functional value of products and services, Bouygues Telecom claims its leadership and raise its ambition up to the revolutionary 4G technology and its impact on people lives and society. Still, despite its sense of newness, the campaign stays true to the brand’s values and constant commitment to widening access to new technologies and freeing consumer usages. That’s the meaning of the new base line: “Bouygues Telecom, le progrès vous appartient (progress is yours)”.