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Product NamePoultry
Product CategoryFresh Poultry
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationMay 1, 2004
Media TypeTelevision
Length10 Seconds
Awards International Food and Beverage Creative Excellence Awards - FAB Awards, 2005 (FAB Award) for Savoury Foods
Eurobest, 2004 (Gold Campaign) for Savoury Foods
Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, 2004 (Silver Lion Campaign) for Savoury Foods
Production Company LDM Productions
Creative Director Alexandre Hervé
Creative Director Sylvain Thirache
Art Director Jean-Yves Lemoigne
Copywriter Jérôme Langlade
Copywriter Marie-Eve Schoettl
Director Jean-Yves & Jérôme
Account Director Xavier Mendiola
Agency Producer Jean-Luc Bagur
Agency Producer Alexandra Marik
Account Manager Camille Raymond
Account Manager Bertrand Janny
Photographer Jean-Yves Lemoigne
Art Buyer Bernadette Pagesy
Advertising Manager Benoît Dubroca
You may always trust a chicken brought up in open air.


Set up through four 11 seconds TV commercials relayed in the press by four insertions, the campaign shows people who let their life into the hands of a chicken (a climber ensured by a chicken, a woman who is learning swimming with a chicken as swimming teacher, people who come aboard a plane piloted by a chicken or also a young woman who goes in the back of a big motorbike driven by a chicken and observed by her confident and delighted parents).


A comforting communication which remembers that we can always trust a chicken brought up in open air especially on a market which is in full crisis (avian influenza).
DDB Paris see in the collaboration with Le Barran the occasion of making emerge an impeccable brand in the quality it markets.
The campaign will be occured over 15 days, from the 26 April to 9 May. The commercials will be broadcasted on Internet.


The chicken Le Barran, does it remember you something ?
This LABEL ROUGE south-west poultry brand sold in supemarkets decides today to be known by the general public and calls on the advertising agency DDB Paris.
Thus DDB Paris gives the evidence that a big agency can adapt itself to a small adviser and makes a true saga which breaks with the usual codes of the sector.