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Bouygues Telecom - "A New World (French)" - DDB PARIS

  • A New World (French)
  • Bouygues Telecom
  • Bouygues Télécom
  • France
  • A New World
Product CategoryPersonal Wireless Communication
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationSeptember 12, 2004
Media TypeTelevision & Cinema
Length60 Seconds
Production Company Les Télécreateurs
Director Style War
Creative Team Sylvain Thirache
Creative Team Alexandre Hervé
Strategic Planner Grégoire Audidier
Agency Producer Agathe Michaux
Account Manager Hubert Blanquefort
Account Manager Marc Bugat
Account Manager Olivia Pasquier
Account Manager Florent Moignard
Account Manager Carine Vinesse
Music DJ Shadow
Actor / Celebrity Tony Parker
Advertising Manager Anne-Marie Gaultier
Advertising Manager Jean-Michel Stassart
Advertising Manager Laurence Larvor
Advertising Manager Tanguy Moillard
Take your world with you


Spectacular and fantastic, this film shows a series of scenes where characters and objects dematerialise into thousands of shimmering spangles, to enter an i-mode phone. An old LP on a turntable, a young woman in a street, arcade game terminals, basketball player Tony Parker in training -- so many scenes that symbolise the individual universe that each user can carry around with them in pictures, sounds and video, wherever they go, in all kinds of circumstances, thanks to their Bouygues Telecom mobile.


To secure this positioning, Bouygues Telecom and DDB Paris have chosen a new baseline: “A new world. Your world.” The Swedish production team Stylewar, masters of special effects, have been chosen to create this film. Accompanied by the music of DJ Shadow, their film-making techniques lend the clip a very contemporary feel which is at the same time profoundly human.


Thanks to mobile communication, particularly with the advent of i-modeTM, Bouygues Telecom’s pocket Internet service, people can join up the different facets of their lives, adapt in response to events, take action here and now and enjoy greater freedom of movement.