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  • Dont count on dad anymore
Product CategoryTV/Radio Programs & Stations
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationOctober 24, 2005
Media TypeTelevision
Length35 Seconds
Awards Eurobest, 2006 (Eurobest Bronze) for Publications & Media
Eurobest, 2006 (Shortlist) for Publications & Media
Production Company Soixante Quinze 75
Creative Director Alexandre Hervé
Creative Director Sylvain Thirache
Art Director Benjamin Marchal
Copywriter Céline Landa
Director Jonathan Herman
Agency Producer Florence Pothiee Sperry
Account Manager Bertrand Janny
Account Manager Thomas Granger
Account Manager Julie Régis
Advertising Manager Christophe Chenut
Advertising Manager Marie Gérard
Advertising Manager Xavier Spender
Advertising Manager Céline Puren
Advertising Manager Matthieu Cullin
Don't count on dad anymore


Each film shows in a humorous and witty way the everyday life of a family where the mom has taken on the dad’s role. She teaches her son how to shave and gets a bit rowdy with him playing in the garden. In the meantime, the viewer can easily imagine the dad riveted to his television watching L’Equipe TV.


To go along with this change, DDB Paris has set up for l’Equipe TV a communication plan with a two-fold implementation:
- Announcing its new programs through press and radio ads, L’Equipe TV invites listeners and readers at a specific time and day (September and October).
- Another section of the communication plan uses television ads to specifically target “fast zappers” and create brand preference.


With spanking new sets, and a reinforced team of consultants and specialized journalists, L’Equipe TV will provide new shows to complement the already existing news broadcast updated and aired every fifteen minutes. On air since October, these news shows include a Great Edition every day of the week and five new shows each dedicated to a new theme.