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Date of First Broadcast/PublicationNovember 1, 2011
Media TypeCase Study
Awards Wave Festival, 2012 (Gold) for Digital
The Webby Awards, 2012 (Honoree) for Digital
Advertising Creative Circle Awards, 2011 (Silver) for Digital
Art Director Nicolas Bugari
Chief Creative Officer Alfonso Cornejo Lavin
Chief Creative Officer Jose Azanza Arias
Copywriter Julia Stoger
Account Executive Emiliano Galvan
Account Manager Yolanda Vazquez Gonzalez
Account Supervisor Verónica Schvimer
Account Supervisor Dalila Di Menna


To communicate Nokia N8, as a new gaming device and achieve wide exposure through digital media, we invited users to boost their gaming experience by offering a simple and unique online experience. How did we do it? We encouraged them to destroy the web pages they normally browse, not only they found new and inifinite challenges but they also enjoyed playing around the web. 


The objective was to position the Nokia N8 as a gaming reference and achieve great exposure in digital media, inviting the user to experience 100% online gaming. In order to do so, we developed two bookmarks from two popular games: Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. To surprise the user with a unique and simple gaming experience, we invited them to destroy any of the websites they usually browse, playing with their favorite characters and providing them with new game levels. All through a fun environment that helps us build a solid brand-user relationship.

A microsite was developed to launch the campaign where users could drag bookmarks to their browser in a very simple way, aside from the well known Nokia N8 features. Also, in order to creat more site traffic and encourage users to have their gaming experience, a banner campaign was uploaded on the main sites that users visit. 


Our numbers reflect the success of our actions: - The game has been played 696.890 times. - More than 250 blogs and sites have picked up on the action because they found it interesting and attractive. - The users per country are the following: Country Visitors 1.China 34.695 2.Argentina 20.817 3.Mexico 16.624 4.France 11.057 5.United States 7.124