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About Us

Amazon Advertising is a San Francisco agency focused on bonding progressive brands with forward-thinking consumers. 

 Progressive brands have big ideas about making the world a better place. At Amazon, we work to help these brands stay small at heart, while being big enough to have an impact to on people’s lives. 

Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Over the past decade, Kashi has trusted us to take their brand beyond hardcore health nuts and keep their DNA intact. Through our "7 whole grains on a mission" campaign, Kashi has reached 1 in 5 households, inspiring them to live happier and healthier.

With P&G, we helped transform an innovative ingredient opportunity from an idea on paper to an award-winning brand campaign for their Naturella feminine care brand. We've worked with P&G to transform an ingredient opportunity into a global feminine care brand that's now in 36 countries. It continues to pave a new path for both the category and for women, by harnessing leading edge innovation with compelling emotional communication.

You can only protect the flame of a progressive brand if you truly understand its values, and how those values intersect with what their consumer treasures.

We uncover what inspires these consumers and what they aspire to. From 1-on-1's to quant studies to social media analysis, we dive into emerging issues and behaviors, right down to things like the relative benefits of krill oil versus fish oil, whatever it takes to know what’s on people’s minds within a constantly changing cultural landscape.








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Amazon and its clients have access to the full resources of Leo Burnett and The Publicis Groupe, shareholders since 2002.

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