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Now it’s Snapchat’s Turn to Monetise

October 21, 2014

GLOBAL – This weekend Snapchat users in the United States were privy to its first-ever advertisement: a 20-second trailer for horror movie ‘Ouija’. “It’s the first time we’ve done anything like this because it’s the first time we&rsquo…

Lowe Malaysia Wins Big at Marketing Excellence Awards

October 20, 2014

Lowe Malaysia won big at the Marketing Excellence Awards, picking up 9 medals. In total, the agency collected 2 Gold, 2 Silver, 5 Bronze, with the coveted crown of ‘Marketer of the Year’ going to their client, Unilever. The Marketing Excellence Awards is Malaysia&rsquo…

Touchy Feelings: Helping Blind People ‘See’ Photos Using 3D Printing

October 16, 2014

One day soon, 3-D printers will be as commonplace as the sputtering old inkjet versions collecting dust in your parents' living room. They'll have all sorts of practical applications, from protective phone cases to replacement parts for your coffee maker. But before the maker move…

Lowe Istanbul wins Grand Prix, Virtuoso Award and 2 Silver Drums at the Golden Drum Awards!

October 13, 2014

"Dreams" is the best of Golden Drum! Turkish Airlines “Dreams” ad by Lowe Istanbul wins Grand Prix in Film at the 21st Golden Drum Awards. “Dreams” ad which has been the talk of town both in Turkey and all around the world was also awarded the Virtuos…

Ashton Kutcher Milks a Goat, Paints a Beaver and Knits a Onesie for Lenovo

October 10, 2014

We've always known Ashton Kutcher to be a renaissance man of sorts. Actor, investor, father, model, ad guy. And now, Lenovo product engineer? It appears that because of all of his engineering work, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro has given him a ton of free time to hone some of his h…