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Slim Jim - "Shakespeare in the Park" - Venables Bell & Partners

  • Shakespeare in the Park
  • Slim Jim
  • ConAgra Foods, Inc.
  • Venables Bell & Partners
  • United States
  • Man Medicine
Product NameSteakhouse Strips
Product CategoryPre-Cooked / Dehydrated Prepared Meals
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationJuly 23, 2012
Media TypeTelevision
Length30 Seconds
Made From Stuff Guys Need


Between co-ed baby showers and men in yoga classes, it is clear the modern man has lost his way. “Shakespeare in the Park” chronicles the story of an elite team of EMTs called Steak & Rescue who save a group of guys suffering through a painful community theater production of Romeo & Juliet, using the most powerful man-medicine they’ve got, new moist and tender Slim Jim Steakhouse Strips.