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How Do You Change An Industry?: Intel's Conflict Free Film Named Spot of the Week

May 21, 2014

Intel has set a significant precedent for the entire tech industry by creating the world's first conflict-free microprocessors available for consumer purchase. Our latest film, "Conflict Free," celebrates this achievement, telling the personal Look Inside™ story of Intel engineer Carol…

Not Some Hippie Dippy Bullshit: Paul Venables Hits Denver

April 4, 2014

Paul Venables recently took the stage at the Denver Ad Club, where he received a standing ovation and at least one pen pal request. Prior to the event, the Denver Egotist sat down with Paul in a Q&A where he espoused on his beginnings in advertising and his leadership perspective, which…

Delightfully Overwhelmed: Lucy Farey-Jones Maps Out TED

April 3, 2014

Our Executive Strategy Director and Partner Lucy Farey-Jones just returned from TED Vancouver and has cleverly articulated her learnings in this jam-packed interactive graphic. "Upon my re-entry to the real world, friends, clients and folks at my firm say: ‘How was TED?’ And the…

Stay Uncompromised: A3 Receives Phenomenal Press

March 31, 2014

We figured one of the most epic car launches in Audi history, deserved one of the most epic commercials. So, for the launch of the A3, we set out to celebrate the uncompromised spirit that is shared by Audi and the world’s boldest trailblazers, who have all paid their dues on the ro…

Nothing's Impossible: Intel Earns Top Spot in Adweek and Creativity

March 11, 2014

That’s what Mick Ebeling was thinking as he read the article about Daniel, a 14-year-old who lost both his arms during a bombing in South Sudan. So Ebeling packed 3D printers and Intel 2-in-1s, and flew into the civil war-torn area to establish the world’s first 3D prosthetic …