Duval Guillaume Awards

Epica Awards Transport & Tourism Virgin Express 2004
Eurobest Ambient: Special Build Virgin Express 2005
Eurobest Publications & Media Studio Brussel 2005
Eurobest Entertainment & Leisure Mime Festival 2005
ACT Responsible Tributes Médecins sans Frontières 2006
ACT Responsible Tributes Médecins sans Frontières 2005
ACT Responsible Tributes DUS 2009
ACT Responsible Tributes MTV 2010
CLIO Awards Bronze Online TNT 2013
CLIO Awards Bronze Innovative Media TNT 2013
LIA Bronze Non-Traditional: Media Promotion TNT 2012
LIA Bronze Branded Content Smirnoff 2013
International ANDY Awards Bronze Public Service Reborn to be Alive 2014
Eurobest Bronze Toiletries & Pharmaceuticals Zazoo 2003
Eurobest Bronze Business to Business: Products & Services Stallaert 2009