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Vallformosa cava - "Fuck me rich" - Duval Guillaume

  • Fuck me rich
  • Vallformosa cava
  • Vallformosa cava
  • Duval Guillaume
  • Belgium
  • Fuck me rich
Product CategoryWines, Champagnes
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationNovember 2013
Media TypeTelevision & Cinema
Length80 Seconds
Production Company Czar.de
Sound Cobra
Creative Director Geoffrey Hantson
Creative Director Katrien Bottez
Art Director Ad Van Ongeval
Copywriter Dieter De Ridder
Director Koen Mortier
Director of Photography Menno Mans
Executive Producer Eurydice Gysel
Account Director Nathalie Rahbani
Agency Producer Marc Van Buggenhout
Editor Manu Van Hove
Advertising Manager Christopher Heirwegh
Advertising Manager Christel Weemaes.


Rodriguez Diaz Perez Borges Y Cabron the Fernandoz Figueroa Y Pintxos de Martinez the – fictional - owner of Vallformosa. During a walk through his vineyards and castle he tells the viewer how he came up with the idea during an erotic dream. "Nowhere in the world people drink more cava than in Belgium. And that is why you need to have more sex. Because when you have more sex, " the cheerfully deranged owner continues, " more babies are born and I can sell more cava. " Followed by an emotional appeal to the Belgians: " So, dear Belgians, go and multiply and FUCK ME RICH ". Vallformosa. Made to make Belgium bubble. "


Everybody knows that the Belgians love their beers. But did you know that nowhere in the world people drink more cava than in Belgium?