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  • Uitbreidingsstraat 2-8
  • Antwerp 2600
  • Belgium
  • Phone: (+32) 36090900
  • Fax: (+32) 36090919

Base 4G - "Jamming Prime Time TV Shows" - Duval Guillaume

  • Jamming Prime Time TV Shows
  • Base 4G
  • Base
  • Duval Guillaume
  • Belgium
  • Surf as fast as if you where at home
Product CategoryPersonal Wireless Communication
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationFebruary 2014
Media TypeTelevision
Length64 Seconds
Media Carat
Production Company Caviar
Sound Sonicville
Executive Creative Director Katrien Bottez
Executive Creative Director Geoffrey Hantson
Creative Team Niels Sienaert
Creative Team Tim Schoenmaeckers
Director Bart Callaerts
Account Director Elke Janssens
Agency Producer Marc Van Buggenhout
Agency Producer Tuyen Pham Xuan
Account Manager Jochen Van Lysebettens
Advertising Manager Nico Vandecaveye
Advertising Manager Olivier de Raeymaeker
Advertising Manager Willem Sleurs
Advertising Manager Isabelle Bacro
Advertising Manager Jonathan Mazza
Media Sabrina Van Cutsem
Media Hans Vercammen
Strategy Director Piet Wulleman


During the last week of February Belgian TV shows suddenly jammed and a loading icon appeared, but there was no technical malfunction. It was a message from telecom operator BASE. A couple of seconds later it all became clear when the following appeared on screen: "You're not used to waiting at home. So why wait when you're on the move? With BASE 4G, you can surf everywhere as fast as at home.