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Carlsberg Border Football: using the magic of football to bring people closer.

April 25, 2014

Antwerp, 28 April 2014 - Football and beer, it’s the perfect combination to bring people together. With their new campaign, Carlsberg and Duval Guillaume took this insight one step further. In these times of football fever, they created Border Football. This new game turns borders into football fields to bring both sides closer. An online film documents the Border Football games at three of Europe's most tense borders in Belfast, Nicosia and Kosovo.

Carlsberg's long involvement in football

As a sponsor, Carlsberg has a long involvement in football. In the next few weeks football fever is rising all over the world. That is why Carlsberg wanted to renew its connection with the positive social values of football.

Don't get along? That's where beer and football come in

Together with advertising agency Duval Guillaume - who previously created Carlsberg's Bikers and Poker commercials - the brand now launches Border Football. The campaign starts from the insight that football and beer brings people together, even when they don't get along. Border Football takes this to a whole new level, by playing at three of Europe's most tense borders: the Peace Wall in Belfast, the demilitarized zone in Nicosia and the Merdare Border Crossing between Kosovo and Serbia.

Unique moments

The production company pulled of quite some tricks to play on these three locations. The demilitarized zone in Nicosia is an absolute no-go zone but both sides made an exception and reached out to play a Border Football game. In Kosovo, the result was even more exceptional: for the very first time since the end of the civil war, dozens of young people from both sides gathered in a friendly meeting. For a moment, people from both sides forgot the wall between them. They enjoyed the togetherness only beer and football can create.


  • Title: Border Football
  • Brand: Carlsberg