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Campaign Perfunkt
Advertiser Electrolux
Brand AEG
Business Sector Home Appliances, Furniture & Gardening

Electrolux is the second largest appliance manufacturer in the world. One of its flagship brands, Germany’s AEG, has a reputation for innovative design and leading edge technology, but no e-commerce or sustained consumer engagement. Electrolux challenged HUGE to inject the same ingenuity and passion into a new brand initiative and online experience, along with the original content to drive it.

Transcending e-commerce.

AEG/Electrolux came to HUGE with a puzzle: Most of their consumers buy appliances once every seven years. How can they build meaningful and sustained engagement with them? And how can it focus on the AEG’s reputation and brand attributes?

First, HUGE played AEG’s strengths. Combining traditional German focus on craftsmanship and performance with a passionate brand voice, it would be natural to position AEG as a true thought leader with a unique voice and compelling story. But in a market where E-commerce hasn’t been fully embraced, the platform had to guide consumers through the initial purchase and occasional support. It had to engage them for engagement’s sake

To design something that would resonate, HUGE set out to understand how the target interacts with product sites. Over a five-month period of extensive consumer profiling, the HUGE research team carefully outlined a comprehensive set of user engagement behaviors. 


  • AEG consumers are seasoned professionals and knowledgeable enthusiasts. They educate themselves independently before making high-consideration purchases. Planning and setting goals is just as important to them as pricing. 
  • They are perfectionists at heart with one common goal: constant improvement. The mastery of everyday tasks, especially cooking, is a personal and emotional journey that requires precision and concentration. 


Perfunkt elevates brand engagement.

HUGE’s Stockholm office responded with Perfunkt, an independent social platform based on the concept of “constant enhancement.” With minimal branding and no product placement, Perfunkt invites visitors to share in AEG’s passion for perfection with a collection of original and sourced videos showcasing experts in a variety of categories tied to the brand.

Lessons show the perfect method for everything from Steak Tartar and Apple Strudel to Steam Ironing and Stain Removal, and reflect the brand’s refined aesthetic and impeccable engineering. A two-way conversation, Perfunkt supports a dialogue between users, providing them with the opportunity to submit and vote on videos, or link to their own piece of content. 

HUGE produced more than 40 videos on international experts to launch the site and created a long-term engagement strategy that would allow AEG to create relevant, meaningful interactions at all levels of the purchase funnel. Engagement on it’s own terms, the site successfully elevates AEG to a unique space of content creation and consumption.

Perfunkt gives a new face to the AEG brand. It immediately generated new levels of consumer engagement and is well on its way to catalyzing international conversations on the pursuit of perfection. With its new platform, AEG is leading the way in branded content and changing how brands interact with consumers online, while challenging the well-worn Facebook/YouTube/Twitter marketing conventions.

HUGE also handled the product and customer service websites for AEG and Zanussi and retooled their online content to transcend the divide between information and interaction. Based on a single platform template, they are adaptable to every country in Electrolux’s global market: All product categories, site nomenclature, and pricing are supported in multiple languages, and copy upholds the voice of each brand when translated. We worked closely with stakeholders on a blueprint for the long-term maintenance and growth. And for e-commerce capabilities to be supported in the future, design was planned for seamless integration of features like shopping carts, wish lists, and online accounts.


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