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Product CategoryGovernment Information & Services
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationAugust 10, 2011
Media TypeWeb Site


The Energy Department worked with HUGE to launch a new, setting a new standard for how government can use the web to better serve and communicate with the public. The new website is designed to deliver hyper-local, targeted information to citizens and specialist audiences and will save taxpayers an estimated $10 million a year. HUGE assisted with the strategy and design for the new site, the latest step in a comprehensive overhaul. 


The new makes it easier for American citizens and businesses to access the information and resources they need to save money, conserve energy and access Energy Department officials. Individuals can enter their zip code to get information about rebates, tax incentives, news, and energy data specific for their location and to find out what the Energy Department is doing in their area. The site also features the latest in information visualization technology and content sourced from numerous Energy Department offices to inspire the next generation of energy thinkers and technologists.