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Product CategorySoft Drinks, Tonics
Date of First Broadcast/PublicationOctober 20, 2011
Media TypeWeb Site
Pepsi Sound Off, The X Factor, social platform, Facebook, Twitter


Huge designed, a web-based social application that centralizes conversation about the TV talent show “The X Factor” and rewards fans for their engagement. The platform, which supports Pepsi’s sponsorship of the hit TV show is designed to enhance fans’ viewing experience and uses gaming mechanics to encourage fans to share their opinions about the show in real time.  


Pepsi Sound Off users can connect to using their Facebook and Twitter accounts and earn points for posting updates and comments, sharing their commentary with their broader social network, creating new discussion topics, and ‘fanning’ other participants’ posts. User comments that receive the most fans are promoted "in the spotlight" and a leaderboard displays the point tally for all users, who can apply their points to related rewards, including the chance for their comment to earn a spot in "The X Factor" show itself.