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MEC Global Solutions backs UNHCR campaign to raise awareness of World Refugee Day

June 13, 2013

MEC Global Solutions, the international division of media agency MEC, has secured a range of free inventory for a multi-channel campaign to raise awareness of World Refugee Day for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). World Refugee Day, which takes place on 20June, celebrates the courage, strength and determination of people forced to flee their homeland under the threat of persecution, conflict and violence. With the help of MEC, UNCHR has produced and will distribute a 30-second TV public service announcement that will be backed with a social media campaign to increase visibility to the World Refugee Day site, Supporters are invited to post an image of an item they would take with them if they were forced to flee, using Pinterest ( to help underline the difficulties that Refugees face.

Social media users will also be encouraged to join UNHCR’s profile on crowd speaking platform, Thunderclap, at The Thunderclap will help raise awareness through a timed Facebook Post or Tweet that is broadcast simultaneously by all supporters to create a wave of attention, and ensure a consistent message is broadcast across both platforms.

The campaign has been supported by a host of major media partners who have pledged over £297,000 in donations across TV and online media to raise awareness of the day and publicise the campaign’s overriding objectives. These include King, Wall Street Journal, E-Buzzing, MTV, Euronews, CNBC, CNN, Stumble Upon, BrandEngage® by SponsorPay, Unruly Media, Solve Media and the Financial Times.

World Refugee Day takes place on 20 June, with activities commencing from 14 June including the UK, US, Australia, Canada, Spain, Italy and the Middle East.

“We all crave the opportunity to do something good in our work, the depth and scope of this work is testament to passion that everyone involved in the project feels with the campaign. We would like to thank all of the media owners who have shown an interest in this campaign and pledged free inventory, which will undoubtedly make a difference and help UNHCR raise as much money as possible,”says Jason Steele, Social Media Director, MEC Global Solutions.

“World Refugee Day is an important marker in the calendar to recognise the courage and strength of refugees, as well as to fundraise to provide shelter and protection for those who have fled persecution, violence and conflict. In the UK, we dedicate a whole Refugee Week (17 – 20 June) to celebrating the contributions that refugees have made and to promoting a more positive view of asylum. We are grateful to all of the media owners and MEC for their invaluable support in raising awareness and publicising World Refugee Day,” says Mike Walton, UNHCR Head of Fundraising Development.

If any media owners would like to get involved in the campaign by donating inventory please get in touch with Michele Romas at MEC Global Solutions on