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AdWords makes ‘close variant’ matching mandatory

August 18, 2014

With the ‘close variant’ matching behaviour enabled, search ads are triggered against the use of misspelling, singular and plural forms, stemming, accents and abbreviations. On August 14th 2014, Google announced that in late September 2014 they will be removing the ‘close v…

FAST TAKE ON…Over-the-Top Video Programming (August 2014)

August 15, 2014

This issue of Fast Take discusses video programming services delivered directly to the consumer via the internet – without a traditional bundled video subscription (like cable TV). It also explores how new content creators have amassed large audiences, built valuable programming brands…

MEC Point of View: Google confirms HTTPS as a ranking signal

August 13, 2014

In August, Google announced that it is starting to use HTTPS as a ranking signal within search results. The S in HTTPS stands for Secure. This essentially means that websites using secure and encrypted connections across domains will benefit. Read this POV by David Towers to understand how t…

MEC strengthens US digital investment

August 11, 2014

 Jon Hsia joins as Managing Partner, Director...

Magnificent 7 – August 2014

August 7, 2014

Magnificent 7 – August 2014 This month’s seven top stories and their implications for marketers.