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Puteaux, France
Full Service

HAVAS 360 Clients

Altarea Cogedim Quartz Retail, Distribution & Restaurants
Areva Areva Industry
B&B Hotels B&B Hotels, Hotels Hotels, Resorts Television
Bergère de France Bergère de France, Maille en laine Apparel, Fashion & Footwear Television, Catalog 2013
Black & Decker Black & Decker Home Appliances, Furniture & Gardening
BRED Bred Banking, Finance, Law & Insurance
BUT But, Furniture, Household appliances Home Furniture Radio, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home, Digital, Promotion & Event
Confédération Générale du Roquefort Roquefort, Fromage Food Television, Web Advertising/Banners, Gaming, Social Media, Direct Mail 2011
Distritoys King Jouet, Range Toys & Games Radio, Outdoor/Out of Home, Packaging, Branding & Design, Promotion & Event
Distritoys Joupi, Range Retail, Distribution & Restaurants Print, Direct Marketing
Eminence Athéna, Athéna Apparel, Fashion & Footwear Digital, Print, Direct Marketing, Promotion & Event, Outdoor/Out of Home, Public Relations 2013
ERAM Eram Apparel, Fashion & Footwear Web Film 2013
Eurial-Poitouraine Soignon, Range Cheese Television & Cinema, Print, Packaging, Branding & Design, Promotion & Event
Florette Florette, Salade en sachet Food Billboard 2013
Giffard Giffard Beverages Print, Promotion & Event