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Maker's Mark - "Celtra Social Rich Media Case Study: Maker's Mark" - iCrossing

  • Celtra Social Rich Media Case Study: Maker's Mark
  • Maker's Mark
  • Jim Beam Brands Co.
  • iCrossing
  • United States
  • Celtra Social Rich Media Case Study: Maker's Mark
Product CategoryAlcoholic
Media TypeCase Study


Beam was looking for a way to give the whisky community an interactive experience that could be uniquely Maker’s Mark, and wanted to test Social Rich Media (SRM) as a platform to take part in a conversation that is already taking place in social media.

In today’s highly competitive market, strong partnerships provide a big advantage for brand marketing.

Celtra worked with iCrossing and Doe-Anderson to develop a SRM creative for Maker’s Mark that asked Facebook and Twitter users to take a fun quiz and test their bourbon knowledge. Users were able to select between three difficulty levels: vodka drinker (Easy), bourbon drinker (Hard), and Maker’s Mark ambassador (Hardest).

Celtra’s “build once, publish everywhere” premise of the SRM product allowed Maker’s Mark to produce one creative concept and traffic it via tweets and Facebook posts. Upon tapping on a tweet or a post, a full screen, device-agnostic HTML5 ad unit opened inside the Twitter or Facebook mobile app. Upon completing the quiz, the user could retake it to improve their score or share the result with others.

Not only did the campaign perform remarkably across the board, but it has also managed to successfully leverage the viral potential and social aspects of the experience. Over 8% of SRM creative unit impressions were generated virally via posts and tweets of users who shared their results. The campaign generated more than 5,000 re-shares, 70,818 quiz completions, and consumers spent more than 118 seconds on the main unit, 4 times higher than standard rich media.