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Caltex - "Monkeys (40 sec)" - Y&R Singapore

  • Monkeys (40 sec)
  • Caltex
  • Chevron Corporation
  • Y&R Singapore
  • Singapore
  • 5-Star
Product NameThe 5-Star Fuel
Product CategoryTires, Accessories, Oil, Petrol, Gasoline
Media TypeTelevision
Length40 Seconds
Account Director Pauline See
Chief Strategic Officer Hari Ramanathan
Agency Producer Charmaine Wong
Director Barney Chua
Production Company Mojo Films Kuala Lampur
Post Production Spice Shop Bangkok
Creative Director Jon Loke
Art Director Katherine Khor
Chief Creative Officer Farrokh Madon
Copywriter Colin Koh
Producer Keng H Phoo
Account Manager Daryl Goh
Enjoy the Journey


Friends visit a Monkey Sanctuary. One pays the price for monkey business and not using Caltex with Techron.


Caltex with Techron cleans your engine to ensure reliability. Something you'll appreciate when you need it the most.


Show the reliability of a clean engine using Caltex with Techron vs other fuels.


Funny film that drives home the advantage of a clean engine that uses Caltex with Techron.